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G-String Geisha

G-String Geisha 1975

東京ふんどし芸者Runtime: 83 Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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G-String Geisha (1975)

G-String Geisha | 東京ふんどし芸者 | A young geisha/prostitute working in Tokyo’s entertainment district earns a measure of reknown through her powerful vaginal muscles. This newfound fame, however, also earns her the enmity of a rival geisha house. The two houses choose to settle the dispute through a series of athletic contests between the young star and the rival house’s main attraction, with the backing of the houses’ wealthy patrons as the prize.

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G-String Geisha
Original title 東京ふんどし芸者
IMDb Rating 4.7 8 votes