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The Desire Underneath

The Desire Underneath 2009

Runtime: 73 mins Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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The Desire Underneath (2009)

Peeped, insulted, captivated, and more. She becomes more exposed to the desires of a senior teacher and a student.

Posted in her old school as a trainee teacher, Izumi Togawa (Aino Kishi), meets Tetsuo, a teacher she’s adored since high school. The two naturally become close. Meanwhile, Izumi’s students, Eiji, and his girlfriend, Narumi (Akane Mochida), have badly bullied a fellow pupil, Kazuma. Enduring it, Kazuma’s small pleasure is to see the school’s secret site where peeping-tom pictures are posted. Meanwhile, Miharu (Haruna Aihara), a senior teacher, tells Izumi about the existence of the peeping tom site. A rumor says that Tetsuo is the manager of the site, and she sees the pictures of herself naked there. Izumi’s in shock, and what is more, Eiji comes to her apartment and rapes her. He tells her that Tetsuo posts those p

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