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Missing 77

Missing 77 2013

ミッシング77Runtime: 85 Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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Missing 77 (2013)

Missing 77 | ミッシング77 | The day of human auction has come at a dreadful “school” that has been reopened. Among the “products” on the stage, there is Yuuki, with a given number 77, whose memories have been brainwashed out of her. When the auction comes to its climax, an armed band of robbers pours in to lock auctioneers and those up for sale alike in the basement. As a time bomb is set off, the robbers’ lusts are driven into madness. While a storm of rape blows, the effects of Yuuki’s brainwash lifts and her memories are back, with the story heading to a most unexpected ending.

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Missing 77
Original title ミッシング77
IMDb Rating 3.9 16 votes
TMDb Rating 2 1 votes