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Loan Shark Maki

Loan Shark Maki 2018

女闇金-マキ- 金とSEXが呼ぶ肉欲煉獄Runtime: 72 Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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Loan Shark Maki (2018)

Loan Shark Maki | 女闇金-マキ- 金とSEXが呼ぶ肉欲煉獄 | “Tulip Finance” is a women-only loan shark that lends money at a steep interest rate of Togo (50% in 10 days). Women who continue to pile up debts elsewhere, still unable to resist their desires and still want money, appear in front of Maki (Kyoko Maki) today, are entwined with her tricks, sold their bodies, and are forced into darkness. I am drawn into the world of She is a ruthless and talented woman who shows no mercy to them, but Maki herself also had a past where everything was stolen from her ordinary and happy world by the dark money…

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Original title 女闇金-マキ- 金とSEXが呼ぶ肉欲煉獄