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Kanna no Suigyo 2

Kanna no Suigyo 2 2011

Runtime: 86 mins Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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Kanna no Suigyo 2 (2011)

Kanna no Suigyo 2 | Masato Utsugi comes to Tokyo to become a professional photographer, relying on his senior in the photography club, Eguchi. Relying on the address he was given, Masato arrives at a studio. There, he finds himself in the middle of a gravure shoot. As soon as he arrives, Masato goes about his chores. He hears a commotion coming from a door. It was Kanna standing in front of the door that was opened with great force. Masato saves Kanna on a whim. In doing so, he causes a commotion. In desperation, he goes to his cousin’s house, only to find Kanna there…

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