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Gal-Congress Woman

Gal-Congress Woman 2017

Runtime: 71 mins Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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Gal-Congress Woman (2017)

A lawmaker from the hostess, her other ran begins

Hinata Todo (Satomi Yulia station) is the only daughter born in the house, he puts a tough politician father. I ran away from my senior year in high school due to the friction with my patriarchal father, and I became an employee at a high-class bar. One day, Hinita greets an unexpected guest, his political assistant, Asagi, conveying his father’s obituary and almost forcibly encouraging her to run for parliamentary elections.

Fierce campaigns and new love

Hinata can not easily make a decision, but she finally rushes to the Lower House by-election with support from her mother, friends and colleagues. In addition, Sotokiba meets with an election strategy consultant and shares feelings of sad love. Too young to be a member of parliament, candidate Hinata Todo, a 25-year-old nightlife ace, could be elected in this election?

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