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Dan-no-ura Night

Dan-no-ura Night 1977

壇の浦夜枕合戦記Runtime: 94 Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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Dan-no-ura Night (1977)

Dan-no-ura Night | 壇の浦夜枕合戦記 | Taken out of the pages of history itself, this is the story of the sizzling love between Kenreimon-in of the Taira Clan and Yoshitsuné of the Minamoto Clan. When the Taira Clan had met ignominious defeat at the hands of Yoshitsuné, Kenreimon-in had jumped into the sea with her son, the infant Emperor, but only she had been rescued by Yoshitsuné. A rough-hewn warrior, Yoshitsuné had taken her by force until he awakened an answering love in the Empress with his chamber techniques.

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Dan-no-ura Night
Original title 壇の浦夜枕合戦記
IMDb Rating 6.1 29 votes
TMDb Rating 2 1 votes