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Amazing Place

Amazing Place 2017

青春夜話 Amazing PlaceRuntime: 74 Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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Amazing Place (2017)

Amazing Place. Directorial debut by Kiridoshi Risaku, an accomplished film and cultural critic and author of “Miyazaki Hayao no ‘sekai’” and “Kaiju tsukai to shonen: Ultraman no sakka tachi”. Mikoto (Mikoto) and Takashi (Sumori Ryubun) graduated from the same high school. Now in their twenties, they meet by coincidence and hit it off, and they decide to spend the night together. But Takashi invites her not to a love hotel, but to their former high school. Mikoto has only bad memories from high school, and she realizes that Takashi also is looking for a chance to redo his teenage years.

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Amazing Place
Original title 青春夜話 Amazing Place